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Founders and social entrepreneurs Adam Slobin and Bryan Weissman have a combined 13 years of automotive industry experience and affiliation with the not-for-profit sector. Both grew up in the Los Angeles area and have always had a deep interest in being charitable, and doing as much as possible for the people around them. For both, going the extra mile and beyond the norm is standard operating procedure on personal and professional levels. They thought, why not create a company that did the same, and that combined an industry they both felt passionate about to the philanthropic belief system they both had in common?

Adam Slobin, CEO, was born and raised in Los Angeles and was educated through the LAUSD public school system out of the San Fernando Valley. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and Business at UC Berkeley, and his Master’s in Business Administration at Pepperdine University. He has several years of experience in public relations, sales, operations management, and marketing. Since he was a child, Adam has always had a passion for helping people, and a love for cars, so no one in his family or close circle of friends was surprised to find out that he was opening the doors to a Charity Driven™ Auto Buying and Leasing Service with Bryan Weissman, someone who he came to know in 2004, who grew to be a friend, and who is now his business partner.

Bryan Weissman, CFO, was also born and raised in Los Angeles, and educated through the LAUSD. Bryan wanted to experience life outside of California, so when it came to his college education, he attended Syracuse University in New York where he earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting. After practicing accounting and working as an operations manager for several years, he was turned onto a Los Angeles based auto-buying service. This was Bryan’s calling, and where he met his soon-to-be business partner Adam Slobin. Soon after, Bryan began his graduate education at Pepperdine University where he earned his Masters in Business Administration. As business school was coming to an end, DriveWise Auto was no longer a thought, but something he and his new found business partner and friend began to make a reality.

In addition to their philanthropic efforts through DriveWise Auto, both Bryan and Adam are involved with several other outside charitable organizations. As a member of its Board of Directors, Bryan is involved with the planning of all fundraising events and activities for the YMD group of the LA Guardians. Similarly, Adam is a member of the Corporate Sponsorship Committee for the Los Angeles Chapter of Autism Speaks. Both are members of The Executives and have an interest in becoming involved with other organizations and their activities as well.

DriveWise Auto was formed to fill what Adam and Bryan felt was a void in the auto industry, and to create a bridge between it and the not-for-profit sector by answering these two questions:

• Why shouldn’t a charity have the ability to benefit from the decisions its supporters make to buy or lease a vehicle?

• Why shouldn’t a consumer be able to buy or lease a vehicle knowing that as a result, donations would be made on their behalf to a charity they personally support?

Being the connection between a consumer, their car, and their favorite charity, DriveWise Auto is now the proud supporter of various globally recognized and other smaller charitable organizations, and is assisting their supporters through the process of acquiring their vehicles. DriveWise Auto is the method by which Slobin and Weissman are aligning their personal philosophies with their business practices…helping people with their vehicle choices, and being socially responsible and philanthropic in doing so.

DriveWise Auto began operation in September 2007. To date, and in just over four years, we have already donated in excess of $90,000 to the charitable organizations chosen by its clients. Imagine the possibilities. Get involved!