Being an Auto-Buying and Leasing Service or an Auto Broker is one thing. Being an Auto-Buying and Leasing Service that is making a difference by helping the world one car at a time, and that incorporates charity into its business model is an entirely different thing.

As most who receive this newsletter know, DriveWise Auto is a Charity Driven Auto-Buying Leasing Service. This means that for every vehicle we sell or lease, new or used, to any of our clients, that we also make a donation to the charity of that client’s choice.

Here’s how it works: Every month we sell or lease “x” number of cars. For each of those vehicle sold or leased, we make a contribution ranging from $50 to upwards of $100 in the name of and to the charity chosen by the clients who bought or leased those vehicles – contributions that would not be made had those vehicles been purchased or leased elsewhere. We send out our donations on the 5th of every month to cover all of our activity for the prior month.

For us, the 5th day of each month is the most gratifying business day in the entire month. The 5th is the day where we mail out checks to, typically, more than 20 different local and global charities. It’s the day when we know that DriveWise Auto is helping to cure multiple types of Cancer, fighting to find a cure for AIDS, helping to preserve animal rights and welfare, assisting in providing for the homeless, supporting educational causes and organizations that provide educational materials, and funding those organizations that are fighting against and researching diseases and disorders like Autism, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and more.

We’re Charity Driven – Charity Driven because the owners of DriveWise Auto were driven by their own personal philosophies to incorporate philanthropy into the business model of DriveWise Auto; Charity Driven because every person who chooses DriveWise Auto chooses to also drive dollars to their favorite charity; and Charity Driven because even outside of our contributing to local and global charities through our sales and leasing process, we also voluntarily participate in the activities, walks, tournaments, and fundraisers for many of the organizations we support. Simply said, we’re Charity Driven because we’re not just in business to sell and to lease cars. We’re not just another auto brokering company. We’re here to make a difference!

DriveWise Auto began operating in August 2007. To date, we have donated nearly $30,000 to more than 140 local and global charities. For those who have bought or leased vehicles from us, we and the charities who have received funds from us as result thank you for your choosing DriveWise Auto and for your continuous support and referrals. For those who haven’t, we appreciate you always thinking of us and referring us when your friends, family and co-workers are looking for vehicles. As a reminder, and for those who are enrolled in our Preferred Client Program, if you do refer someone to us who then buys or leases a vehicle from us, we’ll not only make a contribution to their favorite charity, but to yours too!