As most of you know, 2008 marked the first full calendar year of operation for DriveWise Auto, and though we’ve given company updates here and there through our other newsletters, we thought we’d highlight some of the forward movement we made in 2008, and that we owe to you!

To DriveWise Auto, 2008 marked the following:

** More than 200 vehicles sold or leased, each of which meant a charitable donation being made.
** Nearly $25,000 donated to more than 125 local and global charities large and small.
** Partnerships with amazing organizations like the American Cancer Society, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the UCLA/Revlon Breast Center, the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Dwayne Johnson’s The Rock Foundation, the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Red Cross, and more.
** Bryan Weissman and Adam Slobin’s new and exciting involvement with organizations outside of DriveWise Auto such as Autism Speaks where Adam participates on the Corporate Sponsorship Committee, The Executives, and the YMD Division of the LA Guardians where Bryan now sits on the Board of Directors for Fundraising. Both are interested in becoming more involved with other non-profits and their activities as well.

For all of the above, we thank each and every person who receives this newsletter. We recognize, particularly in this economy, that if it were not for the support of our families, our friends, friends of our friends, our clients, their friends and the amazing people we have worked with at each of the organizations we have made donations to, that we may not have been able to accomplish any of the above and to have been able to celebrate our first calendar year!

For 2009, we’re looking to grow: the number of dollars we donate, the number of vehicles we sell/lease, the number of organizations we have partnerships with, and the number of relationships and involvement we have in and around the community.

That said, we continue to need your support, so please do spread the word about DriveWise Auto and our Charity Driven business model that connects consumers to their cars and to their favorite charities at the same time!

Here’s a link to some ideas that may help you spread the word: Thank you in advance for anything you do!

Here’s to 2009!