General Vehicle Information

edmunds.comEdmunds is a great resource for all things automotive, including vehicle options, accessories, reviews and specifications…for new and used vehicles. At Edmunds, you can find info about safety ratings, fuel economy, color choices, standard equipment, and more. Edmunds will give you a general idea about pricing, but keep in mind that what you’ll see is only a guideline.

Loan / Lease Calculators
CalculatorsThese calculators will give you a hand in determining what type of loan or lease you can afford, and what the car you’re thinking about could cost. Keep in mind that these calculators only act as a guideline and provide you with an estimate. They may not include things like bank acquisition fees, destination fees, state assessed or DMV fees.

CarFaxAre you thinking about a used vehicle? Are you interested in its history? CarFax can provide you with a detailed history report for the vehicle you’re considering.

GoodSearchGoodSearch is an internet search engine with added benefits. Use GoodSearch to browse and search the internet just as you would Yahoo! or Google, and GoodSearch will donate a portion of its proceeds to your favorite charity without it costing you a penny!

Vehicle Details
Vehicle DetailsImpressive Detail is our trusted partner. They offer packages that range from a simple wash and wax, to a complete vehicle interior and exterior detail. They provide services for all vehicle makes and models, AND motorcycles! You won’t be disappointed by their services, and we stand behind them 100%. They’re mobile too…so they’ll come to you.

Vehicle Registration and Driving
DMVThe California DMV’s website is loaded with information about vehicle registration, “rules of the road,” and other miscellaneous information that you might just need if you’re a California driver.

Collision & Mechanical Repair
Collision RepairDepending on where you live, and what type of damage or mechanical issue you have on your car, we have a network of body shops and repair facilities that we feel comfortable referring you to. If ever there is a time where you need a repair, mechanical, aesthetic or otherwise, we encourage you to use DriveWise Auto as a resource for information and advice.