Yes. DriveWise Auto can assist you with all vehicle makes and models, and walk you through any options and color choices that are available. We can also help you with a trade-in or lease return, and any accessories you may want to add to your new or pre-owned vehicle.
Yes. Our experienced representatives can assist you through the “in’s and out’s” of leasing a vehicle, making sure to give you all the information and tools you need to make an informed decision that’s right for you! We’ll explore multiple lease options, terms and structures that could work for you, then help you determine which of them is best for you and your needs.
Every DriveWise Auto advisor is committed to putting the needs of our clientele first, not the cars we assist them with. Our advisors are trained to ask you questions about your needs, wants, lifestyle and driving habits that will ensure an informed buying or leasing decision. Before delivering your vehicle, we’ll make sure that it fits your needs and your driving habits. If you have questions, we’ll find the answers. We’ll help you compare multiple vehicles against each other, and figure out which packaging and options make the most sense. By leveraging our network of preferred suppliers, we’ll also be sure to find the vehicle that’s right for you, and give you the opportunity to pick and choose from multiple inventories. Best of all, our representatives are not biased toward any manufacturer, make or model so you’ll receive honest information that puts you in the driver’s seat.
DriveWise Auto can help you trade-in your pre-owned vehicle regardless of the year, make, model or condition…even if it’s a leased vehicle. We also have the ability to buy a vehicle from you, even when you’re not purchasing or leasing one from us. Have a vehicle to dispose of? DriveWise Auto can help!  We follow a simple process that ensures you get a value that’s fair for any vehicle you’re looking to sell.
Any new vehicle purchased through DriveWise will come with the manufacturer’s warranty. Any pre-owned vehicle will come with a DriveWise Auto approved warranty provided by our preferred suppliers (if available). Extended warranties and mechanical breakdown protection will be made available for new, leased and most pre-owned vehicles.
The truth is that leases are better for some, and purchases are better for others.  To make matters more confusing, some cars are better leased than they are purchased, and some are better purchased than they are leased! To determine which is better for you, we’ll explore a number of different topics that will help us help you figure out which is the best option for you, your lifestyle, your driving habits and your future. No matter what vehicle(s) we’re assisting you with, our advisors are happy to help you research the lease and purchase options available to you.
We are committed to making sure that you only take delivery of the car that’s right for you. Not only can you inspect your vehicle before delivery, but we encourage you to! It’s important to us that you feel completely satisfied by the service you receive and the vehicle you’ve chosen. If you have any concerns, our advisors will assist you in addressing them. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.
Yes. DriveWise Auto can extend any special incentives, rebates or financing that you or your vehicle qualify for. Because we are not partial to any one financing institution, our advisors will help you choose the combination of financing and incentives that work best for your purchase and that yield the best outcome for you, your future, and the ownership or lease of your vehicle.
We can assist you with practically any accessory that you’d like to add to your car. Some of the most common requests are for sealant packages, extended warranties, hands-free systems, window tint, running boards, chrome & custom wheels, rear spoilers, navigation & DVD systems, billet grills, wood interiors, Satellite/XM Radio and IPod kits to name a few. If you’re interested in any accessories not listed here, just ask!
DriveWise Auto makes a $50 donation to the charity selected at the time of purchase/lease, except in cases where the purchase/lease comes as the result of a referral made by another client.  In those cases, DriveWise Auto makes two donations: $50 to the referring parties chosen charity and $50 to the purchasing/leasing parties chosen charity. All donations that we make come directly from DriveWise Auto, and are made in the name of or on behalf of our clients (unless a request is made that the contribution be made anonymously). Our clients don’t pay any incremental price increase so that we can make that contribution.  DriveWise Auto began operations in August 2003.  To date, and as a result of this model, we have donated in excess of $350,000.
We call ourselves Charity Driven™ because our business model is driven by philanthropy. We believe that there should be a connection between consumers, their cars and the charitable organizations they support, so for every vehicle we sell or lease, whether our clients hear about us through our partner organizations or by word-of-mouth, we make a charitable contribution. Our cumulative contributions mean that over time, thousands of dollars are being driven to charitable organizations that provide services that address the needs of the world and its communities. In addition, DriveWise Auto actively participates in community events, resource fairs and the like so that we can support the community beyond our business model. Everything we do from the onset of our relationships with our clients and the organizations we support is done with charity and philanthropy in mind. We are Charity Driven™!
No. There is no cost to any of the organizations we work with. We simply donate a portion of our proceeds to those organizations by way of their supporters choosing to do business with us! It’s a win-win.

If you are involved with or work for an organization that may have an interest in working more closely with DriveWise Auto, please contact us. We drive fundraising forward!