Welcome to DriveWise Auto

We are a Charity Driven™ Auto Buying and Leasing Service that’s not just about cars, but the world in which they’re driven!

With DriveWise Auto, buying or leasing your next vehicle is made easy, and we give you the ability to be socially responsible Socially Responsible – doing things that contribute to the welfare of society. at the same time! Yes…a socially responsible way to buy or lease a car!

Our expert advisors can assist you with any new or used vehicle of your choice, your financing or lease options, trade-inTrade-In – any vehicle you are currently driving, and looking to dispose of or exchange. This could mean a vehicle that you own outright, that is financed, or that is leased., any aftermarket items or accessories you want, and the delivery of your next car. No matter what kind of car, van, SUV, crossover, or truck you choose, we’ll make sure that you have an amazing experience and that you never want to buy or lease anywhere else.

DriveWise Auto is concierge Concierge – the highest level of personal service and expertise that ensures an excellent overall client experience. auto buying at its best. We’ll do all the workWork – the investment of time, effort, labor, tools, dedication and care needed to accomplish positive results and an above-average outcome. We’ll do it for you!, save you a tremendous amount of time, guarantee extremely competitive pricing, and then donate a portion of our proceeds to charity for every vehicle we sell or lease…and the charity is your choice!

Who We Are

Because we’re Charity Driven™, DriveWise Auto is an auto buying and leasing service that is making a difference! By choosing to lease or purchase your next vehicle from us, you are too! Not only will we provide you with the same level of service you’d expect from a 5-star hotel, but we take that serviceService- doing everything possible and going above the call of duty to ensure that our clients know they are our priority from the point of initial contact, through the delivery, and afterwards. to an entirely new and socially responsible level.

We are not just another way to buy a car! DriveWise Auto is a concept, a philosophy and a belief that giving back to the community is extremely significant. We are an organization whose focus, goal and purpose are to help in addressing the needsNeeds – local and world-wide health concerns and environmental issues, animal rights & preservation, children’s education & therapy, disaster relief, drug rehabilitation and more. It’s your choice! of the world and its communities.

How, you ask? DriveWise Auto will make a donation to its clients’ favorite charity every time (yes, every time) we arrange the purchase or lease of any vehicle, new or used! In fact, DriveWise Auto is so dedicated to creating this connection, and contributing to the community, that we send additional donations to our clients’ favorite charites for the referrals they send us!

Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and of course, charity are our priorities. We strive to provide unparalleled service, to exceed the expectations of every client we have the opportunity to assist, and to support the charities that matter most to them.

At DriveWise Auto, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that our clientele feel good about the decisions they make, and even better when they know that their favorite charitable organization will be a beneficiary of those decisions.

DriveWise Auto, it’s auto buying the way auto buying should be, and adds the additional and important benefit of community involvement and charity.

DriveWise Auto, creating the connectionConnection – an element of the experience we provide that makes us unique and different, and that makes your purchase or lease decision socially responsible. that’s been missing between, you, your car, and your desire to support your favorite charitable organization. To date, we’ve delivered and purchased in excess of 10,000 new and used vehicles, and donated more than $500,000 to numerous local and global charities…all chosen by our clients!

Company History

A small company with a large vision, DriveWise Auto began operations in 2007.  Coining and trademarking the term Charity Driven®, DriveWise Auto created a previously non-existent philanthropic connection between consumers and their vehicles, and was an avenue for founders Adam Slobin and Bryan Weissman to combine their passion for cars, and the importance of philanthropy.

Since operations began, DriveWise Auto has become a well-recognized 5-star rated auto brokerage with a heavy presence in Los Angeles, and strong ties to the credit union industry and not-for-profit sector. Today, DriveWise Auto has a team housed in three different locations, and growing.  With access to the inventories of 200+ franchised dealerships and suppliers, and a network of wholesalers and vehicle buyers, DriveWise Auto has delivered, sold and purchased nearly 10,000 vehicles, and through our Charity Driven® platform donated more than $500,000 to charitable organizations.

Meet Our Team

Adam Slobin
Adam SlobinCEO & Founder
Sheila Soriano
Sheila SorianoSr. Consultant
Alison Carr
Alison CarrSr. Consultant
Rick Brown
Rick BrownConsultant
Abbe Murray-Coté
Abbe Murray-CotéConsultant
Donny Fischer
Donny FischerConsultant
Susan Knybel
Susan KnybelDelivery Coordinator
Carol Estrada
Carol EstradaExecutive Assistant