Americans love to drive, and they love their cars – especially Californians. But nothing is more notoriously disliked than the auto-buying and leasing process. Spending time shopping for the right car and negotiating a competitive price is, for most, ranked up there as one of life’s most unpleasant experiences. DriveWise Auto can turn this hassle into a pleasurable and convenient experience and guarantee competitive pricing for every make and model, without sales pressure or hassle.

Frequently, the two most significant purchases a person makes are their home, and their car. When buying a home, most people use a real-estate agent or broker to handle all of the details, ask the right questions and negotiate a reasonable price. A good agent helps his or her clients find the right house, the right amenities, the right price range, the right square footage and neighborhood, helps them through their loan process, and ultimately hands over the keys to their new home. Through the entire process, the client is in control, and ultimately makes the decision to buy or not to buy. The realtor only makes his or her living if a home actually sells. There is no charge for his/her services to do all the work in advance of the sale.

Now, imagine how much more work buying a home would be without a real-estate broker and his or her available tools, resources, experience and expertise.


At DriveWise Auto, we believe the same should apply for a vehicle sale or lease. Market research shows that the average person who does not use an auto-broker spends 30 – 35 hours gathering information before making a buying or leasing decision, not to mention the additional time visiting dealerships, negotiating pricing, and working out financing. At DriveWise Auto, we’ll take care of it all, make sure no stone is left unturned, ensure that every part of the transaction is in the best interest of our client, and more.

It’s quite simple really:  get the car you want, without all the hassle, get pricing that’s either equally or more competitive than what you’d find on your own, and know that a charitable contribution is being made when you do!

We’re a company that cares – not just about its clients, but also about the community and making the world a better place.

Benefits of choosing DriveWise Auto include:

•  Convenience
•  Peace of mind
•  Competitive Pricing
•  Expert Advice
•  Convenient Delivery
•  An unbiased advisor at your side
•  Personalized vehicle research
•  Side-by-side vehicle comparisons
•  No pressure. No hassles. No headaches
•  Financing and lease advice, assistance and negotiation
•  Getting the vehicle that’s right for you
•  Competitive trade-in values for vehicles of any year, make or model
•  Assistance with lease returns and aftermarket items
•  Preferential treatment and concierge service
•  A charitable contribution for every vehicle sold or leased

DriveWise Auto – concierge Charity Driven™ Auto Buying and Leasing at its best, and with added benefits!