In this issue of WiseBytes, and after more than 18 months in operation, we thought we’d take a moment to remind you, our valued clients, about the philosophies we have when it comes to our clients who buy and lease their vehicles from us, and our dedication to them throughout their vehicle ownership. Simply, at DriveWise Auto, we don’t just want to be a company that sells and leases vehicles; rather, one that our clients can count on time and time again for anything auto-related, from one car to the next, and through the thousands of miles that they drive those vehicles.

As revealed by the testimonials on our website (, our goal for any client who is looking for a new vehicle is to guide them through the entire process of leasing or buying their vehicle – using the information they provide us to ensure that they select the car that’s right for them, and providing unbiased vehicle education and information throughout the process.

For us, what becomes more important than the vehicles that are ultimately chosen, is making sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the process of getting into those vehicles. Most people who are interested in buying/leasing one vehicle want information about two or more models (ie: Toyota Camry vs. Honda Accord). For us, and because we’re not tied to any one manufacturer, make or model, each client we work with is guaranteed to receive unbiased information about each vehicle. In working with them, we make sure to ask the right questions about their lifestyle, needs, planned usage for the vehicle, etc. so that we can ensure that they’re making an educated decision.

Secondary to the vehicles our clients choose to lease or buy is their continued maintenance of that vehicle, and our continued commitment to helping them do so. For example: For a cracked windshield, we may be able to save a client money in having it repaired/replaced. If a client’s transmission fails, we can refer that client to a trusted mechanic. If a client is shopping for new insurance, we can refer that client to a handful of great agents. In any of these scenarios, and others, we’re here for our clients to validate the information they already have, or to point them in another direction that could save them time and money, or both. Some of the more common things we can assist our clients with or where we can refer them to someone who can include vehicle insurance, extended warranties, aftermarket equipment, and vehicle repairs or maintenance. In a nutshell, we want to be the only source our clients need for vehicle questions and information, and if we don’t have the information our client is looking for, we’ll find it!

The final reason that our clients choose DriveWise Auto, and one that is very important to us on a personal level, is because our Charity Driven and socially responsible business model allows us to create relationships with our clients that extend to the relationships they have with their favorite charitable organizations. To date, and through our industry-unique business model, we have donated nearly $30,000 to the charitable organizations chosen by our clients – charities who now more than ever need those funds to reach and accomplish their missions and goals. To each of our clients, we thank you for making that possible.

At DriveWise Auto, our goal is to create an Auto-Relationship for Life! Clients who buy or lease one make or model from us can then buy or lease an entirely different make or model the next time around, which then eliminates the time for them of creating a new relationship for vehicles they plan to own or lease over the years. And, through the course of their driving each of these vehicles, they know that they can ALWAYS count on and contact us for information, advice, tips, and other questions. We’re always on their side, and have their complete satisfaction top-of-mind. If we do the quality work we set out to do, we also become the total vehicle source that they can feel comfortable referring their friends, family and co-workers to. And. the more people who know about and choose DriveWise Auto, the greater we will be able to contribute to the welfare of the charitable organizations closest to our clients’ hearts.