Check out what’s new in today’s cars!

oday’s vehicles are packed full of new and very current technologies and safety features. Many of them have been around for quite some time, but until recently, technologies which are now available in very mass volume vehicles were only available in those that were exceedingly expensive. Today, many of the options below are available in cars under $30,000, and some are even standard. These are just a few of the advancements, amongst many others, that we are now seeing in today’s vehicles.

Lane Departure Warning – a system that gives the driver either an audible, visual or physical indication that he/she is drifting out of a lane and moving into another lane. Some systems actively bring the car back into the lane without the driver doing anything.

Pre-Collision Warning – a system that gives the driver either an audible, visual or physical indication that they are not coming to a stop or slowing down when they should be and/or are going to collide with an object. Some systems automatically bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

Blind-Spot Monitor – a feature that gives the driver an indication that something (an object, or otherwise) is in the driver’s blind spot on either the passenger or driver side of the vehicle.

Around View Cameras – a version of the backup camera that allows the driver to see what appears to be a top-down view of their vehicle, thus allowing them to see all the way around the car. These systems are incredibly helpful when it comes to parking.

Cross-Traffic Alert
– a feature that gives an audible or visual indication that there is cross-traffic when reversing from a parking spot. Yes, the car can sense not just that an object is behind it, but that an object (ie: another car) is approaching it from a perpendicular direction.

Night Vision
– a system using infrared scanners and cameras that allow the driver to see in surroundings that are pitch black. The systems in some vehicles not only allow the driver to see what is in front of them, but will also bring the vehicle to a stop if there is an object/animal/person in front of the car.

Active Park Assist – a feature that allows a vehicle to park itself. The driver must select the gearing, and use the gas and brake pedals, but the vehicle can identify a suitable parking space (even parallel) and steer the car into it.

Dynamic Laser Cruise Control
/ Distance Control Assist – a feature that allows a car to maintain a specified distance from the car in front of it. When the car in front slows, so too does the vehicle with this feature – likewise when the car in front speeds up, but not to a greater speed than was originally set.

Heads-Up Display – a feature that through the use of mirror reflections and a projector, display information into the line of sight of the driver so that the driver does not have to take his/her eyes off of the road. This feature traditionally displays things like speed, navigational directions and audio stations.

Keyless Lock/Unlock/Start/Stop – a feature that allows the driver to access, lock/unlock, and start/stop his or her vehicle without using an actual key. The system relies upon the presence and proximity of a ‘smart key’ held by the driver, making putting a key into the ignition or a door lock a thing of the past. Some vehicles even accept hand/foot gestures for the doors and/or tailgates to physically open/close.

Do you think that these technologies are impressive? There are tons more, and we have all the information you’re looking for about them.

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