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Company News
In the second month of this new year, DriveWise Auto is pleased to announce that it’s business as usual for us, and in fact that we’re feeling like things may even be picking up a little bit! Since January 1, we’ve already delivered nearly 25 cars and made that same number of donations to the charities chosen by the drivers of those vehicles! That means that we’ve already made more than $1000 in charitable contributions since the beginning of the year! Our business model is simple, but compelling: we’ll make a charitable contribution for every vehicle we sell or lease, and our service is guaranteed to be top notch!

To keep the momentum going, we’d like to recruit your help and ask that you help “Spread the Word” about DriveWise Auto to your friends, family and any charitable organizations you work with or donate to. You can find some ideas about how to spread the word by visiting And, if you need any text to send about us, or copies of any of our marketing materials, please feel free to be in touch, and we’d be happy to provide you with anything you need!