To our valued clients and supporters:
We apologize for sending out an additional communication, but…
**For those who have or think they have already voted, we heard some feedback that the endorsement process was not what was expected. If you didn’t fill out a registration form first, your endorsement of DriveWise Auto was proably not tallied, so please read the below which includes detailed instructions.***
For those who haven’t endorsed us and/or who aren’t aware of what we’re trying to accomplish….
DriveWise Auto has become involved in an American Express Sponsored Program called SHINE A LIGHT that celebrates, spotlights and rewards small, inspiring and community involved businesses. The winner of the program will receive a $100,000 grant for marketing support.
We would truly appreciate your supporting us in our effort to reap the benefits of this program. Being awarded with this grant will allow us to grow our business in numerous ways, each of which will result in an increase to the dollars we are able to send to the charitable organizations chosen by our clients.
To date, and in just two short years, DriveWise Auto has sold/leased nearly 400 vehicles, and donated in excess of $35,000 to local and global charities. Being the recipient of this grant will allow us to increase those numbers dramatically. We’d appreciate your endorsement!
Registering with Shine A Light and endorsing us will take no more than 3 minutes of your time and is GREATLY appreciated. Here are steps you can follow:
Here are steps you can follow:
Visit and register with the SHINE A LIGHT program website by following this link:
Once you’ve registered, click the top menu button that says NOMINEES Enter the word DRIVEWISE into the search function next to the word NOMINATION, and click “go.”
Select the nomination for DriveWise Auto and who’s description begins with “DriveWise Auto was founded by Adam Slobin (31) and Bryan Weissman (33) in mid-2007” by clicking the button that says VIEW NOMINEE PROFILE
When you arrive at the next page saying “SHINE A LIGHT on Charity Driven Auto-Buying and Leasing,” click the BLUE button to the left that says “SUPPORT THIS STORY, ENDORSE NOW”
You’re done.
Your suppport, your vote and your endorsement mean a tremendous amount to us, and we thank you in advance.
Your forwarding this message is also greatly appreciated.
With good service in mind,
DriveWise Auto