Adam Slobin, one of the owners, recommended cars I had not considered in the category in which I was looking. He gave me a ton of information about leasing versus buying – a real education – and I ended up feeling competent to make decisions in the context of an event – car leasing – where I usually just feel like someone who is ripe for the picking by unscrupulous dealers. Once I decided what I wanted, Adam researched what was available, got me GREAT terms on a lease for the car I chose, all the while indicating that I should feel no obligation to use his service if I could find something better somewhere else. He also looked at the car I had been leasing and advised what I should fix before turning it back, recommended a very competitive body shop for the repairs, arranged to bring the car to the body shop, and arranged a service to drive the car 75 miles away to the turn in site. I drove my old car to the office, and drove home in the new one. On top of all this, DriveWise Auto made a donation to my favorite charity. What a gift!