Auto-Relationships For Life
We are not a company that exists just to sell and lease cars. Our primary interest is making sure that we create “auto-relationships for life” where our clients know that they can come to us for solid advice about anything auto-related, and where we can build a level of trust with them so that they feel comfortable coming back to us time and time again.

Unbiased Advice & Great Financing Options
We don’t represent any one manufacturer or lender. Who we truly represent is our client, so making sure that every client gets the car that’s right for them, and pairing that vehicle with the best possible financial solutions for them is our top priority. Because our supplier network is made up of close to 300 partners, we are sure to find our clients the vehicles that they’re looking for as opposed to pigeon-holing them into something they may not want, with options that they may not want, and in a color that they may not want. The same would apply to financing. We (currently) have access to lenders with rates as low as 3.99% for all new and used vehicles.

An Easy and Hassle Free Process
We make the process easy and hassle free – the average time spent through more traditional means is approximately 7 hours from start to finish…and that’s if you just visit one dealership. Our process allows our clients to do everything from their home or office, or even on the go. By the time we actually meet, our time spent together is usually about 1 hour. 15 minutes for paperwork, and the remainder of the time spent going through the car. (Yes, we personally walk our clients through the bells, options, whistles and features of their vehicle).

Competitive Pricing and Amazing Service
We always provide competitive pricing. In fact, because some of our partners are not local to southern California, we have access to vehicle purchase and leasing programs that are otherwise not available in southern California and may be better. We often find pricing that is more competitive than the average consumer finds on his/her own. As a side-note…over the last several years, vehicles have become a true commodity, so finding a competitive price is easy!! Finding a company that’s interested in providing competitive pricing and pairing it with great service….NOT SO EASY!

We’re Charity Driven®
We are the first and only Charity Driven® Auto-Buying and Leasing service. This means that we are the first and only company that allows its clients to be “do gooders” and to contribute to the community without having to spend any more (and most times less) than they would be through anyone or anywhere else. We began operations in August of 2007. To date, we’ve donated in excess of $50,000 to numerous local and global charities.

“The professional success of DriveWise Auto is rooted in our passion and follow through. These qualities gave us the ability to create DriveWise Auto, a company that now allows us to cultivate and combine our personal and professional strengths, philosophies, visions and philanthropic standards. We demonstrate these qualities on a daily basis, which compels our clients to assist us in the growth of our business and the pursuit of our success.” – DriveWise Auto Founders, Adam Slobin and Bryan Weissman