As you know, DriveWise Auto is the first and only Charity Driven® Auto-Buying and Leasing Service. We assist our clients with their vehicle purchasing and leasing needs.

But…did you know that part of our being an Auto-Buying service means that we also buy cars? Much like other companies out there such as CarMax, we offer auto-buying services that allow us to purchase all vehicle makes and models, of any age and in any condition! And, we purchase them completely independent of any vehicle being leased or purchased from us. In other words, our clients don’t have to buy or lease a car from us in order to sell their car to us!

Selling a car to us is simple:
Using a detailed appraisal process, we collect information about the car being sold – over the phone, or in person.
We send that information to our network of buyers, each of whom (if interested in the vehicle) will provide us with a value that they are willing to pay for the car.
Whatever value we find to be highest is then used to provide a value to the seller of the vehicle.
The seller brings the vehicle to us (or we can arrange for it to be picked up).
Of course, there are some logistics having to do with paperwork, payment, payoffs, loan balances, and the like, but to keep it simple….we handle it all, including any paperwork that needs to be filed with the DMV, the lien holder or otherwise.

Generally, the values we are able to find for our clients are extremely competitive, and frequently more than what they find elsewhere because of how we work with our network of buyers. Yes, we have on countless occasions paid more for vehicles than CarMax. Think about it this way: rather than driving your car from one dealer or one buyer to the next, we can do that running around for you, and make sure you get a great value without you having to worry about many of the potential risks involved in selling a car. This is ‘selling-an-auto-made-simple’.

If you have questions and need more information, please feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to help, or just to give you the advice you’re looking for.