For not-for-profit organizations, fund-raising is (bar-none) the single most important process in terms of their being able to provide, create and support services and programs. For the organizations we support and others, those programs change lives! Unfortunately, times of economic difficulty make their fundraising efforts incredibly difficult, and for most organizations, this year and this economy has had a severe and negative impact on them. For them, a lack of funds means a slow-down in their ability to support programs, the inability to maintain a sufficient staff, and a restraint on their ability to provide services. For most not-for-profit organizations, a little bit goes a long way, and every little bit counts. We encourage you to do everything you can to support the organizations you feel close to!

As a reminder, individuals who choose DriveWise Auto to lease or purchase a vehicle don’t pay any more than they would elsewhere (and most times pay less), but there is a charitable contribution attached to their purchase or lease that might not be otherwise! We simply donate a portion of our proceeds for every single vehicle we sell or lease. It’s a simple and compelling concept; one that allows our clients to contribute to the organizations that matter most to them without spending any more or doing anything differently than they already do, and one that allows charitable organizations to raise funds by encouraging their supporters to do something they’re already doing, but through a Charity Driven company that will give back to the organization as a result!

DriveWise Auto is that organization. We make a difference to the community every time we sell or lease a vehicle. Over the course of the last 13 months, we are proud to have donated nearly $20,000 to organizations that support both global and local issues related to health, the environment, animal rights and preservation, disaster relief, children’s services, education and more!

Is the organization you work for or that you support looking for new ways to fundraise? Do your children attend a private school that needs funds? We can help, and at no cost to the organization you’re thinking of! Need more info? Contact us, and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions and to tell you more about our Charity Driven Auto Buying and Leasing Platform.