How does DriveWise Auto stack up when it comes to price?

For those that have never used an auto broker, there’s a common misconception that because the broker stands between them and their car, that they must be paying more than they have to.

In reality, a good broker should be able to negotiate pricing on behalf of their client that is equally as good or better than what that person would be able to find on their own, only without that person having to invest hours of their own time on the transaction, and sans all the hassle and stress that goes hand in hand with a traditional buying or leasing experience.

Yes, an auto broker profits from the transaction, but with the right relationships and suppliers, an auto broker can be profitable and still provide extremely competitive pricing.

At DriveWise Auto, we deliver somewhere in the ballpark of 60 vehicles per month, and while we never guarantee to be the best price on the face of the planet, we do guarantee that what our clients pay for their cars is important to them, and that we wouldn’t be able to deliver those vehicles if not for our providing extremely competitive pricing.

Here’s what we can also guarantee about pricing in general, and about our pricing specifically: as the presence of information available on the internet grows and grows, and the presence of human interaction slowly disappears, getting a reasonable price on a vehicle has become easy. A few clicks, and a couple key strokes, and anyone can get a decent price on a car. Having questions answered and receiving personalized information in that kind of transaction is an entirely different story which we’ll get to in a future article, but with access to pricing and information being so easy, and in combination with the hundreds of relationships we have, the truth is that providing competitive pricing is the easy part of what we do. Where we excel and thrive is in the area of customer service.

When it comes to the pricing we provide, here’s what we tell each of our clients and what we know to be true: our pricing is guaranteed to be fair and competitive for the given market of any vehicle. For any of our clients who choose to be in touch with (for instance) 10 other ‘competitors,’ they will likely find (after potentially spending hours negotiating and getting the runaround) that two of those contacts will yield pricing that is just barely better, that another two inquiries will result in pricing that is equal to ours, and that the other six will net out to be more – sometimes just a bit, and sometimes substantially.

Here’s where we stand out: We’re clear. We’re transparent. We present information in a way that makes sense, and that’s easy to understand. We keep our word. We don’t create surprises, and everything that happens at the time of delivery is exactly as it was stated in the emails or phone calls that took place beforehand. Simply, we make a point of not wasting our clients’ time – doing so would also be a waste of ours!

Certainly, vehicle pricing is a very controversial topic. It always has been, and likely, always will be. We encourage our clients to ask any and all questions they need to in order to make a wise decision, whether doing business with us or elsewhere. We want them to feel educated, informed and, most importantly, comfortable. We don’t expect to hand car keys to every person we have the opportunity to assist, but we are committed to doing business in such a way that every time we do have that opportunity, and because of our reputation, we can be expected to be fair, honest and….competitive.