Without spending hours and hours looking at car after car, how does a person make the right choice in the sea of cars?

Though ten years ago there were just as many choices in vehicles as there are today, there were far fewer ‘good’ cars to choose from. In today’s auto environment and with so many major advancements in technology, safety, mechanics and engineering, auto makers (all of them) have made huge strides in the overall quality of their products. Not only are there tons of ‘good’ cars to choose from, there are very few ‘bad’ ones.

So, how does a person choose? By appearance, price point, ride and build quality, functionality, features, ease of access, number of seats, seating configuration, storage capacity, length, width, height, comfort, turning radius, available interest rates and lease terms, ability to get finance approval, horsepower, fuel efficiency, tow capacity, or maybe something else. The answer is yes to all of those, or at least a handful of them for most people shopping for a new or used car.

Process of elimination seems like the easy answer, but how does one even start that process, especially when that someone isn’t a ‘car person’ or doesn’t have the time to research and compare one car after the next, or both?

We believe that the answer lies in being able to lean on someone who has substantial knowledge about all makes and models, has driven countless cars, and who receives real feedback about about them on a daily basis; someone who is an unbiased third party that can knowledgeably answer questions, give advice, provide comparisons; an individual who knows about available incentives for all makes and models, who has the tools and resources to find out information quickly and efficiently, and who will share all of the information they have for FREE!

Yes! We’ve blown our own cover, and yes, we do believe that an auto broker is the way to go. And, even if it’s the case that a consumer doesn’t choose to actually get their car through an auto broker, we believe that anyone who finds vehicle research and comparisons, the general process of buying or leasing a car or just the amount of information available on the internet daunting should, at the very least, talk to or consult with an auto broker.

A good auto broker can, for free, provide all the information a person needs in order to make a good decision when it comes to buying or leasing a car, and can help a consumer wade through the sea of ‘good’ vehicles that are before them – at any price point, and from any manufacturer.

At DriveWise Auto, we have an understanding about the auto environment that tells us that we won’t hand car keys to every person we come in contact with, and we’re comfortable with that. At the same time, we are committed to our profession which is certainly about providing excellent pricing to anyone who contacts us in their vehicle search, but is also (and just as importantly) about providing each of those people information that is invaluable in their decision making process (without charging for it).

Let’s face it: With so many cars to choose from, it can be hard to make a choice. We’re happy to share what we know to make the process easier, and if our doing so helps a person in their decision making, we can feel successful knowing that we were part of the process, even when we don’t hand over the keys to the car.

Know someone who’s never tried or spoken to an auto broker? If so, and when it comes time for them to get a new car, we’d love an introduction and to be of help to them wherever and however we can be.